The 2012 Startups: Choose Turkey’s Top 15 [POLL]

The 2012 Startups: Choose Turkey’s Top 15 [POLL]

Turkey’s digital ecosystem just got a bit hotter in 2012. Several new names made their first appearance, and some familiar names re-buckled for a new take-off. The sector observed increased attention from corporate groups. That these large companies favored the e-commerce market, where there is the most intense competition, upped the ante.

We decided at sosyalmedya.co that the best way to pick the top startups of 2012 is to ask our readers. The poll that will determine the top Turkish startups, which we published on the Turkish version of sosyalmedya.co on October 5, will stay up until November 10.

The rules are simple: Among the fabulously wide range of startup companies, the descriptions of which you can find below the poll, you can pick up to 5 startups. The 15 projects with the highest number of votes win. Go!

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0lira: 0lira presents an unusual concept: Free goodies! The only thing you have to do is to click the newsletter and wait for the countdown to reach zero.

adMingle: adMingle lets users share their passion for brands on social networks and make money doing it.

AjdaModa: Led by the Turkish pop diva Ajda Pekkan, AjdaModa presents a selection of goods brought together by her. The e-commerce site also publishes Ajda’s articles on healthy diet and living.

Altincicadde: AltıncıCadde is a shopping site for discount designer store for home textile, decoration, accessories, electronics, home appliances, and furniture by Doğan Online.

AVMMall: A virtual mall, AVMMall offers everything a mall does, and users can shop for clothing, accessories, technology, designer goods, and food while chatting with other visitors.

Bilette: Bilette offers the chance to compare and buy bus tickets from both large and local companies, complete with seat reservations.

Bonubon: Bonubon is Doğuş Holding’s deal-of-the-day alternative, mainly for goods and services provided by the companies under the holding.

BuKombin: BuKombin offers designer end of season clothes and gives the users the chance to combine them, and share the combinations on social networks.

Democratus: Developed in collaboration by students from Boğaziçi University and İstanbul Technical University, Democratus is a platform that gives the users the right to elect and be elected, hold online debates, and vote on discussions.

Etiqadd: Etiqadd is a location-based service that lets users share their favorite finds and purchases as they shop.

Fyonk: Fyonk sends gift cards to your Facebook friends on their birthdays. The paid and free cards are redeemed to obtain brand goods.

GiveLove: GiveLove is an online shopping portal by the prestigious Vakko Group.

Goboti: Goboti sells user-submitted independent designer t-shirts with the motto “wear a new t-shirt every day.”

Hazinem: Hazinem is an online jewelry and accessories shop for both men and women.

Hediyemo: Hediyemo is an e-commerce site makes gift shopping easier with a wide selection of goods.

Istanbulite: By its nature a guide to the city, Istanbulite lets tourists add landmarks and historical locations in Istanbul to their shopping cart and get tours in several languages.

İsteSosyal: İşteSosyal is a professional network site with an emphasis on social networks. Its Facebook integration lets users surf jobs through their preexisting references and friends.

Kliksa: Sabancı Holding’s new shopping site Kliksa offers good deals on a wide selection of goods in numerous categories.

Kumanda.tv: Kumanda is an online TV with daily shows on various topics.

KuponNow: KuponNow is a deal-of-the-day site that offers users mobile coupons, printable coupons, SMS coupons, e-coupons while offering clients a commission-free, subscription-based service.

Lidyana: Lidyana is an online shop for jewelry and accessories from brand names and local designers alike. The site frequently employs celebrities to promote its goods.

MeyveandMeyve: Geared towards the office employee, Meyve & Meyve delivers all things fruity: Fruit plates, fruit juice, dried fruits, and breakfast plates.

MissPera.com: MissPera is an online fragrance shop that offers a multitude of brands. The site stands out with payment options and 24/7 customer support line.

Mobilexpress: Mobilexpress is the ideal mobile shopping tool. Simply text the digits next to a product to Mobilexpress, and you will receive the product without disclosing your payment and shipping details to the seller.

Muditas: Muditas is a concept store that offers design objects with a story, presented as narrative videos.

Ollaa: Ollaa is an activity-based social network to share what you are eating, drinking, watching, reading and playing at the moment.

Onedio: Onedio is a Turkish news portal that aggregates news with an emphasis on the user comments interface. The site sports a lean design and customization for registered users.

Parabilir: ParaBilir is a personal funds management site that lets users oversee their finances, plan for savings, future purchases, credit withdrawals, payments, etc.

Piyola: Piyola is a jewelry and accessories store that supports local designers.

Projemefon: The first crowdfunding platform of Turkey and Europe, Projemefon helps people discover and fund ideas.

Quup.com: Quup is a Turkish social networking site with an emphasis on following feeds rather than friending people.

SenceBence: SenceBence is a crowdsourcing platform for brands that lets companies poll and track user interest, employ users for marketing, and offer a chance to create brainstorming sessions.

SocioBook: SocioBook is a social sharing site solely for sharing. It does not ask for or sell personal information. On the contrary, all the content is copyrighted to the users, and the users gain advertising revenue from these sharings.

SansliKadin: A shopping site for women, ŞanslıKadın offers brand name products and designer goods under the section “Designers Club”

Wzone: Wzone is the only men’s fashion store in Turkey.

YouLike: YouLike is an social dating site that lets users discover like-minded individuals through interests.

This article by Bahadır Atasoy, originally published in sosyalmedya.co in Turkish, is adapted into English by Süleyman Okan.

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