5th Informatics Technology Summit Scheduled for December

5th Informatics Technology Summit Scheduled for December

İstanbul Technical University’s Management Engineering Society, one of the most active student organizations of the country, announced the 5th edition of the Informatics Technology Summit (BTZ) they will hold this December 7-8 in İTÜ Maçka campus.

BTZ attracts some 600 people under 5 meeting categories: Seminars and Panels, Workshops, IT Area, Interactive Section (Speed Networking – Coffee Time) and Social Media Awards Ceremony. The two-day event will comprise of 4 panels, 8 seminars, 4 workshops, and recreational activities Interactive Section’s Speed Networking and cocktail hour. The Interactive Section is the student’s favorite, as it provides a platform to get feedback, ruminate over the data picked up in the summit, and, of course, establish professional connections.

As in previous years, BTZ will bring up the hottest local and global topics in technology, and discuss it with thought leaders from the business and the internet world. Other topics include the internet, digital marketing, the future application of mobile technologies, social media, the role of informatics in the world economy, e-commerce, data as a strategic asset, etc.

The Social Media Awards will present the winners in the BTZ closing ceremony. The speakers will be announced soon in the official website of the summit.

This article by Salih Kural, originally published in sosyalmedya.co in Turkish, is adapted into English by Süleyman Okan.

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