Hacking Wave Sweeps Turkish Government Sites

Hacking Wave Sweeps Turkish Government Sites

Many Turkish government sites, including intelligence and police force, took a humiliating hit today as Anonymous and other groups expanded the support campaign for their local associates, RedHack. After 15 years of activity, RedHack was recently recognized as a terrorist organization by the Turkish authorities.

RedHack openly attributed the attacks on the Turkish National Police (egm.gov.tr), and later to National Intelligence Organization (mit.gov.tr), to Anonymous. The takedown of the Ministry of Economy (ekonomi.gov.tr) website is announced and still in effect, though the perpetrators are unknown.

Earlier in the day, Sosyalist Hackers had announced solidarity with RedHack and the farmers of Turkey by taking down an associate site of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Yesterday, the Turkish Football Federation, who is under heavy flak for charges of corruption, was hacked.

Information Technologies and Communications Authority and the Telecommunications Department, as well as the press offices of the affected organizations, denied the attacks. Only the intelligence agency acknowledged a hiccup with their website, attributing it to a rush of civilian traffic due to fake news of an attack.

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