Avea Announces 1st Half Revenue of $900m

Avea Announces 1st Half Revenue of $900m

Avea, Turkish GSM operator largely owned by Türk Telekom Group, announced 12% growth in revenue compared to the first half of 2011, bringing in approximately $900m. The most impressive growth was in mobile internet use, where the number of users and the resulting revenue almost doubled from H1 2011, resting at 4.25m users spending $95m.

Avea, at 13 million users, is still Turkey’s 3rd (and smallest) GSM operator measured by the number of subscribers, though a likely contender to the 2nd place of Vodafone. The close race pushes the company to get creative with their campaigns, which pay off in certain categories. For example, in Q1 2012, Avea scored the highest amongst European operators in the average minutes of use per user, at 350 minutes (334.9 minutes for H1 2012). The company also boasts, for 6 consecutive years, the largest postpaid to prepaid subscriber ratio in Turkey.

Avea CEO Erkan Akdemir said the company broke multiple records in average minutes, ARPU, mobile revenue, smart devices, and postpaid subscriber ratios. In a rather cryptic note, he touted Avea as the company that constitutionalizes the rights and freedoms in telecommunications. “Avea pens the Magna Carta of the telecommunication sector,” commented Akdemir. Türk Telekom, 30% of which still belongs to the Turkish Treasury, is frequently accused of trying to filter the open internet and spying on its users.

The CEO Akdemir attributed the secret of Avea’s growth to their focus on “working”, which, he stated, is the motto of the company.

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