Active Mobile Banking Users Tripled in a Year [Infographic]

Active Mobile Banking Users Tripled in a Year [Infographic]

Mobile and internet banking users in Turkey continue to climb, according to the statistical data submitted by the banks to the The Banks Association of Turkey. The most notable jump is the number active mobile banking users, which has nearly tripled from approximately 250k in June 2011 to 670k in June 2012.

Internet banking, with a longer history and slower growth, witnessed a slower incline of 14% and reached 21 million registered users. Approximately 42% of registered internet banking users was classified active. The same ratio applied to the 1.7 million registered mobile banking users, 40% of whom were classified active.

The data shows that, despite the impressive growth in mobile banking, people still prefer internet banking more often, and for larger transactions. Under the payments category (bills, tax, insurance, loans, and other fees), an active internet banking user, on average, made 3.42 payments at 120TL each yielding a volume of 411TL; whereas an active mobile user made 1.09 payments at 66TL for a volume of 73TL. Similarly, under the investment category, an active internet banking user, on average, made 1.29 investments at 5,724TL each for a total of 7,376TL, whereas a mobile user made 0,74 investments at 4,860TL each for a total of 3,615TL.

Another interesting trend shows both the number and volume of transactions per active internet banking user declined since June 2011, while the same numbers increased in mobile banking.

You can find the infographic Mobilike released on the Turkish mobile banking usage figures released by BAT.

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