TÜİK Releases Latest Internet Usage Statistics

TÜİK Releases Latest Internet Usage Statistics

Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) released Turkey’s internet usage statistics based on the sample data collected between January and March 2012. With 47.2% penetration, almost one out of every two residences has internet access, and 48.7% of the population goes online.

Based on estimated and slightly outdated figures of International Telecommunication Union, 48.7% connectedness level places Turkey above average globally, at approximately Rank 70 among all the countries. When ranking based on the gross number of people accessing the internet, Turkey is closer to Rank 12 with approximately 37m people with a connection.

Turkey predominantly accesses the internet from home. 70% of those questioned go online at their residence, while only 33.8% do so at work. The highest utilization of the internet is for following online media and reading news, at 72.5%, surpassing even e-mail use at 66.8%. One in five people (21.5%) have shopped online; 65.6% did so in the last three months.

Internet has the highest prevalence among ages 16-24—the youngest age bracket sampled— with 68.5% penetration, which drops steadily with every increasing bracket. The female to male ratio is .64 on average, and the gender equality increases within every younger bracket.

These figures follow Turkey’s steadily increasing trend in internet adoption. If Turkey continues the somewhat open internet policy—given the young and large population—it might just achieve its dream of being an international web player, just by internet consumption alone.

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