International Venture Capital Firm Atomico to Visit Turkey

International Venture Capital Firm Atomico to Visit Turkey

Atomico CEO Niklas Zennström and the board of directors will be in Istanbul as a part of the firm’s “Open Office” seminar program. The London-based international VC firm is known for investing in over 50 startups, including Skype, Rovio, Jawbone, Fab, Wrapp, and Klarna.

Zennström will start the trip with a visit to Bilgi University on 12 September to meet with students during the seminar. The rest of his trip will be devoted to meetings with several startups, company executives, and high-ranking government officials.

This is Istanbul’s first inclusion to the “Open Office” circuit, which is a global program that aims to bring together thought leaders and public officials. As a part of the program, Atomico will introduce the companies in its portfolio with Turkey, bring together executives with startups, and discuss business management in the world of digital economy and Turkey’s role in it.

Niklas Zennström, who founded Skype and Atomico, spoke highly of Turkey’s place in the “Open Office” program. “Turkey is an immensely important market with a dynamic economy, young population, and rising internet and credit card usage,” he said. “All these factors play a key role in the growth of internet startups. We are moved by Turkey’s entrepreneurial spirit and the passion for e-commerce. That is why we opened an office in Istanbul at the end of last year, and added Istanbul to the ‘Open Office’ program.”

Zennström underlined Turkey’s great potential in becoming the regional economic hotspot for e-commerce, and reaffirmed Atomico’s belief that Turkey may act as the technology center for the region. He added that Atomico is there to consider its options and invest in Turkish startups.

Atomico supports firms and ideas that make a difference. It has offices in London, Beijing, São Paulo, Istanbul, and Tokyo.

This article by Gülen Demirok, originally published in sosyalmedya.co in Turkish, is adapted into English by Süleyman Okan.

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